JazzForInsomniacs is devoted to Jazz music lovers. It focuses on Jazz music with all its Subgenres/Forms/Styles from Acid Jazz to Zydeco Jazz. You will however find this show primarily focused on Big Band Jazz, BeBop Jazz, Hard Bop Jazz, Soul Jazz, Latin Jazz, and Jazz Vocals. The show will focus on a 50-year period between the years of 1929 – 1979. We will feature music from all the old Jazz music labels: Savoy, Pacific, Prestige, Atlantic, Verve, Impulse, and Blue Note. We will also maintain a link Contemporary or Smooth Jazz, and feature New Artists, New Music and New Releases.

The show will feature artists such as Duke, Count, Bags, Jug, Cannonball, Satchmo, Brownie, Trane, Lockjaw, The Prince of Darkness, Lady Day, Cleanhead, Rabbit, Cozy and Cooty, Diz, and Fathead. If you know the artist represented by these Jazz Nicknames; you are in the right place! If you do not know the artist name you are also in the correct place. A place where which seeks to entertain and educate regarding Jazz music.

One more aspect of this show is that our initial program launch will feature LIVE music from the 12 Midnight hour to 5 AM each weeknight. You may perhaps work the 3rd Shift, (Graveyard Shift), or simply enjoy late night music. If so, this is the show for you. You might simply be an “Insomniac”, if so this is the show for you.